My First Wix Website


I’m happy to announce two things:

  1. The launch of MOXFIVE and their new sparkly brand and website

  2. My first Wix website!

I’m especially excited about number two. When Mike, founding partner at MOXFIVE, contacted me about a website design, he mentioned that he’d prefer it be designed using the Wix platform. Now, knowing absolutely nothing about Wix, except that it’s a website building platform, I hesitated. Mike came to me through a mutual contact and I was excited at the opportunity to design for him so I decided to be completely transparent. I replied saying that I was so happy to help but to be honest, I have ZERO experience with Wix. I went on to say that I only had experience using Squarespace and ShowIt5 platforms and it didn’t seem to sway him a bit. He said that if I was confident in Squarespace, he was confident in me. Haha! True story.

So, with a signed contract and retainer deposit, I spent one full weekend watching every YouTube tutorial on How To Build a Wix Website that I could find. I devoured every bit of information and even watched a few of them twice. I was as ready as I’d ever be.


Turns out Wix is suuuuuuper easy. Such a simple interface with great features and lots of creative control. One thing I especially loved about it was the ability to completely alter the mobile design without it affecting the desktop design in any way! To be fair, ShowIt5 has this ability, too.


I think the most challenging part was that we had zero photos to work with. Only the logo, brand colors and icons. A bit of animation in some key spots helps a lot with appeal and I added some abstract images behind blocks of color to help with visual interest. Mike asked for “a simple website to pass the sniff test” and I’d say we delivered.

In addition to a website design, they also needed some alterations to their logo (not designed by me), iconography and a quick brand guide that they could reference and distribute to other vendors. Check out some of that work below.


Check out the full site here!