My Ghost Outfit

This past weekend I had an emergency appendectomy. All is well and I’m alive and healing. But the whole thing got me thinking about my ghost outfit. You know, the clothes you’re wearing when you die that will forever be your outfit for ghost-ing.

It was about 7pm on Saturday night when we finally decided to go to the ER. I’d been having stomach pains since 3am that morning and they hadn’t subsided. Once they moved to my lower abdomen and hurt to the touch we decided enough was enough. Better to be safe that sorry.

Well. For a good 10 minutes before leaving I was contemplating my ER outfit choice. It was pretty blah. I mean, it was a Saturday and I’d been laying around all day in pain so I wasn’t exactly dressed in my best going out clothes. I didn’t even have any make up on. Should I change? Should I put on some make up? No! This is crazy I thought. I’m going to the ER for crying out loud! Save yourself!

All this to say, as I was sitting there in the waiting room I couldn’t help but think about all the what-ifs. What if it bursts? What if it’s already bursted?! What if they can’t save me?! ….this will forever be my ghost outfit. Gah! I should have put on something cuter! …or scarier?

Think about that my friends. As you get ready for the day, are you dressed appropriately? If you die today, will you be happy with your ghost outfit?

In the end, I did throw on my best Nike kicks and a fresh layer of mascara. Bare minimum but totally acceptable for ghost-ing.