The Coolest Person I Know

I met Sheena almost two years ago at a wedding show in Seattle. She’s a wedding planner extraordinaire and we had a mutual friend who alerted her of my existence and told Sheena that we must meet. She asked me my thoughts on the current Bachelor and we both agreed that we didn’t care for him. She was fun and easy to talk to and I liked her energy. It was fleeting but she left an impression on me. Plus, my friend told me that she was awesome so I was intrigued.

Later that night, I was scrolling Instagram and decided it might be a smart idea to connect with some of the people I met that day. I searched Sheena and found her handle. I took a look at her feed and was suddenly staring at my favorite author. I shook my head in confusion:

Wait. Is this Sheena’s page or………….? Did I switch pages without realizing? What’s happening? Yes…… I’m still on Sheena’s feed…… but, what the? Oh. My. Goodness. SHEENA KNOWS SARAH JIO.

^ That was my head space in that moment. You’re welcome. ^

I quickly sent Sheena a DM. Did she really know her? Yes! They've known each other for years. I couldn’t believe it. Here was this new awesome person that I had just met and now this! Sheena had become the coolest person I knew.

Fast forward two years, a couple of bachelor viewing parties, funny text messages, my discovery that Funky Cold Medina raps about her being a man, a couple weddings, some late night exchanges and Sheena is still so fun to be around. AND—here’s the best part—Sheena is planning Sarah Jio’s wedding next year.

Two of the best days of my life: The day I met Sheena and discovered my connection to my favorite author. And the day Sheena ASKED ME TO PARTNER WITH HER FOR SARAH JIO’S WEDDING.

Stay tuned for what’s sure to be another best day contender as this top ten moment in my life unfolds!

Here’s the Instagram pic that rocked my world. Haha! Sheena’s on the left.

Here’s the Instagram pic that rocked my world. Haha! Sheena’s on the left.